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She pitied men always as if they lacked something. How does Woolf Essay

She pitied men always as if they lacked something. How does Woolf contrast masculine and feminine in To the Lighthouse - Essay Example Ramsay. The sentence is thought by Lily Briscoe in the novel and the whole sentence is This sentence clearly shows that the novel, â€Å"To the Lighthouse† is written with feminist theme in which, the writer wants to depict that men are naturally lacking while on the other hand, women have some power. Mr. Ramsay, who is Mrs. Ramsay’s husband, is a philosopher who has a good reputation on the basis of his knowledge but in the whole novel, he is shown dependent on Mrs. Ramsay. Mr. Ramsay is shown worried about the existence of his work as he thinks at one juncture, â€Å"and his fame lasts how long? It is permissible even for a dying hero to think before he dies how men will speak of him hereafter. His fame lasts perhaps two thousand years. And what are two thousand years? (asked Mr. Ramsay ironically, staring at the hedge).† These lines by Mr. Ramsay indicate towards his doubts about the remembrance of his work and himself. All his doubts about his existence and being remembered receive a sense of satisfaction because of Mrs. Ramsay who is always there to help his husband. He while talking to Mrs. Ramsay informs her about his doubts about his work being forgotten and he gets encouraging responses and back up from his wife. Mrs. Ramsay is not shown as a perfect woman but she is always ready to support men and while helping them, she sympathizes with them and tries to find solution to their problems. With Mrs. Ramsay, every character of the novel feels relaxed and comfortable because of her complacent and supportive attitude. She is like a source of support to the other characters of the novel including her husband, who looks a strong person but appears to be very weak before her wife. Mr. Ramsay appears wholly dependent on Mrs. Ramsay for confidence and encouragement. Woolf portrays Mr. Ramsay as a person and a man, who feels himself incomplete without Mrs. Ramsay. Woolf tries

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The Philippine Currency Evolution Essay Example for Free

The Philippine Currency Evolution Essay During the Spanish occupation, when they came here in the Philippines in 1521 they brought with them the first European coin called teston. Also it is the first silver coin. When the Galleon trade exercised the earliest coins during the Spanish colonization was the Macuqinas or the cobs. It has a irregular, oddly-shaped coins stamped with a cross on the other side side and a royal coat of armson the other. These coins circulated over 183 years from 1585 to 1768. During the reign of King Philip the fifth of Spain the first rounded machine struck coins with milted edges appeared. These coins called the Dos Mundos or Columnarias. It is one of the most beautiful coin ever produce. It came the time of the coins ? Barillas ¶, the first copper coins to be minted in thePhilippines and after how many colonizers came to our country currency changes. Coins from other Spanish colonies also reached the Philippines and were counter stamped. Gold coins with the portrait of Queen Isabela were minted in Manila. Silver pesos with the profile of young Alfonso XIII were the last coins minted in Spain. The pesos fuertes, issued by the country’s first bank, the El Banco Espanol Filipino de Isabel II, were the first paper money circulated in the country. 898-1899 Asserting its independence, the Philippine Republic of 1898 under General Emilio Aguinaldo issued its own coins and paper currency backed by the country’s natural resources. One peso and five peso notes printed as Republika Filipina Papel Moneda de Un Peso and Cinco Pesos were freely circulated. 2 centimos de peso copper were also issued in 1899. 1900-19 41 The Americans instituted a monetary system for the Philippine based on gold and pegged the Philippine peso to the American dollar at the ratio of 2:1. The new design series of banknotes issued in 1985 replaced the ABL series. Ten years later, a new set of coins and notes were issued carrying the logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. As the repository and custodian of country’s numismatic heritage, the Museo ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas collects, studies and preserves coins, paper notes, medals, artifacts and monetary items found in the Philippines during the different historical periods. It features a visual narration of the development of the Philippine economy parallel to the evolution of its currency.

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My Teaching Philosophy Essay example -- Philosophy of Teaching Educati

My Teaching Philosophy All of my life I have enjoyed helping others. I have also loved the classes I have had with a really good teacher. I think it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone and to know that there is someone there to help me when I need it. I want to help teach the future leaders of this country, as well as those content with just being themselves and staying out of trouble. I honestly believe in Rosseau’s idea that children are born good and that things in society contribute to whether or not they are troublesome. I want to help these children remain good. Although I plan to teach at the high school level, I still believe these â€Å"bad† children can be helped with the proper attention and care. I also believe that the nature of knowledge is neither relative nor absolute but a combination of both. There are some things that people learn only because they are taught. These things would include learning the Presidents of the U.S., the correct comma usage, a foreign language, etc. There are other things that children discover on their own or through the help of their peers. Things like the current fashion treads, valuable lessons or trust and loyalty, social skills, etc. These are reasons why a combination of cooperative learning and direct teaching techniques should be used. The overall purpose of education is to help our future generations succeed at whatever it is they’re good at. Education is essential to ru...

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How does administrative law change bureaucratic behaviour

The Committee presented a plan for an entirely new system of administrative law that rested upon a fresh vision of the role that external review agencies should play in safeguarding the rights of the public regarding executive decision-making. Three Acts were implemented by the Parliament. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 (Cth) (AAT Act) established two bodies – an Administrative Appeals Tribunal to undertake merit review of a general range ofCommonwealth decisions, and an Administrative Review Council to perform a research, advisory and coordination function. The Ombudsman Act 1976 (Cth) established an Ombudsman to investigate complaints of maladministration by Commonwealth government agencies. The Administrative Decisions Oudicial Review) Act 1977 (Cth) conferred upon the newly-created Federal Court a reformed Jurisdiction to undertake Judicial review of Commonwealth decision-making. Purpose of Administrative Law Administrative Law concerns the relationship betwe en the government and the public.It refers to a wide range of controls exercisable by the law over the powers nd procedures of government decision-makers and administrators. It constitutes a means of protecting the rights of the public by making the government decision- makers accountable. With the growth of technology, financial institutions and globalization, society is becoming more complex, the role of government has expanded in terms of regulation and intervention. This has led to a growth in the number of bureaucratic decision makers which in turn led to an expansion in controls over administrative actions to counter balance the power of the decision makers.The Kerr and Bland Committees saw that the purpose of Administrative Law was to rotect citizens against government, when government was growing in size and exercising more administrative authority and discretionary power. It pointed to a posed threats to the rights and liberties of citizens . The view from the Kerr and Blan d Committees is compatible with that of Professor Cane that the Administrative Law can be used to regulate the way the administrators make decisions so that the power will not be misused. How to measure success of the Administrative Law?There are two views about the measurement of success of Administrative Law: (i) The instrumentalist believes the success lies in its impact on behaviour and outcomes, ence the law should bring behaviour and outcomes into conformity with specified value. (it) The non-instrumentalist believes its success lies in its rules and practices. The law could be counted as a success if it clearly, consistently and coherently expressed specified values. The supporters of regulatory approach to Administrative Law are instrumentalists whereas the supporters of legal approach are non-instrumentalists.What are the regulatory and legal approaches to Administrative Law? A regulatory system has three components (i) a set of standards that announce how eople ought to be have; (it) a mechanism for monitoring compliance with those standards; (iii) a mechanism for promoting future compliance. Administrative Law consists of a set of rules and principles about how decisions ought to be made. Individuals affected by the administrative decisions can utilize various tribunals and ombudsmen to review decisions and in turn provide incentive for the decision makers to comply with Administrative Law in future.The regulatory approach focuses on the future rather than the way decision makers behaved in the past. It aims to prevent potential issues by making the decision akers responsible for it. On the contrary, the legal approach presents administrative law to be used by complainants a means to redress past breaches so that decision makers can be held accountable for such breaches. It looks at the success of administrative law on its ability to provide redress to those adversely affected by unlawful decisions.The regulatory approach focuses accountability based on the institutional design and interaction between different organs of the system such as ombudsmen, parliamentary committee and internal review. The legal approach focuses more on the accountability of the government to the public. In constitutional terms, the regulatory approach addresses it with separation of power whereas the legal approach focuses on the concept of rule of law. Administrative law focuses on the accountability of government.By demanding compliance with administrative law principles, and by valuing review mechanisms for rectifying human error, it impacts upon the decision-making processes in order to ensure that the wrongful exercise of administrative power is curbed. The Australian tax system is an example of how administrative law impacts on bureaucratic behaviour. The tax system, being a self assessment system, encourages ne to voluntarily comply with the tax legislation. Tax compliance officers review the tax returns to identity potential risk to revenue.Wh ere the risks being identified in a review are significant, the tax office will escalate the case to an audit. During an audit, there will be an information request followed by the issuance of a position paper. If the taxpayers realize any errors in their tax returns, they can make voluntary disclosure in order to reduce any shortfall liability and penalty interests. Alternatively they can express their views if there is any contentious issue about the application of law. The taxpayers will be given an opportunity to comment on the position paper before an amended assessment is issued.The taxpayers can object to the amended assessment which is normally handled by the objection team that is independent from the compliance team. If the decision stays, an application can be lodged to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review the decision. The tax office has internal guidelines such as Practice Statement Law Administration for the staff to follow before any administrative decision i s made. This ensures the taxpayers would be fairly treated. Before a decision is reached, taxpayers will be iven opportunities to be heard and supply information to support their claim.The process demonstrates how the Administrative Law influences the bureaucratic behaviour. The decision-makers need to supply proper reasoning before issuing an amended assessment. What are the positive and negative changes on bureaucratic behaviour? On the positive side, more senior public servants are required to be legally trained as they are expected to make decisions based on strong legal grounds so that their decisions will be less likely to be challenged in future. The decisions being made would also be based on fairness with properly established facts.However, onerous review systems may cause potentially adverse bureaucratic behaviour. The onerous review system may sometimes lead to ‘No further action' on many potential tax evasion cases. The following explains the negative bureaucratic behaviour that is undesirable to the society goal. review the taxpayers' tax return and amend the assessments. The review period could be two or four years depending on the size of the business and the nature of entity. Once the ‘period of review expires, the tax office cannot amend the assessment unless there is fraud or evasion for which intention needs to be established.Knowing this system, some taxpayers may simply delay in supplying information or supplying irrelevant information to make the cases difficult to pursue. By contrast with the private sector for which financial target is the prime objective, the public bureaucrats may not have such incentive to pursue difficult cases that may eventually lead to tribunal review. Further to that, the tax officers need to follow strict guideline when dealing with fraud cases where intention needs to be established. As all elements need to be established before a case can be referred to prosecution, some fraud cases end up being à ¢â‚¬ËœNo further action'.This is undesirable to the societal goal as it means people who dodge the system may not be penalized. Can we Judge the success of Administrative Law as a regulatory tool primarily by its effect on bureaucratic behaviour? As mentioned above, the purpose of the Administrative Law is to make government decision-makers accountable. It promotes the fair procedures and compliance by decisions-makers with legal limitations on their powers. The public can use the merit review system to review the administrative decision of the government. The merit review allows the facts and legal aspects of the decision to be considered afresh.Based on the merits, the tribunal can affirm, vary or set aside the original decision. From a regulatory point of view, an independent body has stepped in to review the government decisions and therefore it limits the power of the bureaucrats. Therefore, the bureaucrats must obtain sufficient evidence and provide sound reasons to support th eir decisions. Furthermore, it encourages government bureaucrats to ensure they act consistently with relevant legal requirements. Based on the above, it appears that one can assert that Administrative Law has achieved its purpose as a regulatory tool that impacts on bureaucratic behaviour.

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Causes of the Cold War Essay - 857 Words

There are several who have a different approach of whether it’s the U.S or the Soviets’ fault for causing the Cold War. In reality, they have always had clashing ideologies and different structures of government that have played a major role in leading them to embark upon such a distrustful relationship. Furthermore, the Soviets distrusted the U.S way before WWII when they intervened in the Russian Civil War and didn’t recognize the Soviet Union until 1933. As a result, during and after WWII, the Soviets were determined to dominate European countries with their own political agenda to become the hegemonic power and believed the U.S. had the same motive. However, the U.S was more eager on protecting these Eastern countries from communist†¦show more content†¦And when the U.S dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan in 1945, the Soviets felt threatened and justified their own demise in the matter by reckoning that the U.S is trying set an example for others, indi rectly stating that they are vigorously in possession of such power, completely destructing cities . Consequently, this drove the Soviets to become even more active and to have a stronger stance in foreign policy (Doc B). In addition to, the Soviets also believe that the U.S was trying to spread capitalism across Europe by establishing the Marshall Plan in which the U.S financially helped European countries to boost their economy and social status. This program was also applied to the Soviet Union but they didn’t accept it because they believed that it was a direct attempt for the U.S to dominate European affairs (Doc E), since those that accepted this plan were to become its allies in return for the aid provided. The U.S did not want to engage in immediate war with the Soviets, and as a solution to set a blockade against Soviet ideologies, they adopted â€Å"containment†, which derived from the Long Telegram that George Kennan drafted (Doc D). This message to Washington D.C. explained that the Soviet Union will inevitably collapse if they contain them and their policies sinceShow MoreRelatedCauses Of The Cold War1396 Words   |  6 PagesThe Cold War was a political, ideological and sometimes indirect military confrontation that took place after the Second World War between the two largest powers in the world: The United States and the Soviet Union. The conflict between these two great powers intensified without a real war on the ground. It was a silent war characterized by both powers in an arms race with the most lethal weapons without actually using these weapons. That is why that war was known as the Cold War. In this paper,Read MoreCauses Of The Cold War1108 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union spanned almost half of a century. It led to worldwide fears and anxiety over the possibility of nuclear war and the desolation of mankind. It led to various proxy wars, costing the lives of millions in foreign nations and t housands of American and Soviet soldiers. With so much fear, death, money, and willpower going into the conflict, there must be an easy answer as to what force caused and drove the conflict. However, this topic is notRead MoreCauses Of The Cold War1716 Words   |  7 PagesThe Cold War, a conflict between the United States and Soviet Union, the two global superpowers at the time. Given the name â€Å"Cold War† only for the fact that neither the Soviet Union nor the United States fought directly with one another, instead the war was waged through allies in the form of proxy wars and through increased use of intensive espionage, a never-ending arms race, immense technological competition and on a political forefront as both sides tried to gain the upper hand. The Cold WarRead MoreCauses Of The Cold War984 Words   |  4 Pages The Cold War has lived in infamy in the minds of many people today. The influence of it can be regarded as one of the most terrifying events that coul d have transpired, and particularly terrifying to its citizens who lived in constant fear of complete annihilation. From the first events to the fall out of a nuclear war, almost all citizens would have no shelter from the devastation of an atomic war. The roots of the Cold War can be found in several main points starting from the Second World WarRead MoreCauses Of The Cold War1388 Words   |  6 PagesLESSON 26 - The Cold War Objectives: Identify the causes for the start of the Cold War Identify key actions taken by the US and the Soviet Union to prepare for war Identify how the Cold War impacted American lifestyle Identify actions taken worldwide between the Cold War combatants The Cold War Begins The Cold War was the state of hostility, without direct military confrontation, between the United States and the Soviet Union. The formation of the United Nations (UN) in 1945Read MoreCauses And Effects Of The Cold War1370 Words   |  6 PagesAbi Amarnath Mrs. Saunders 12 November 2014 English II Causes and Effects of the Cold War Richard Nixon once said of the Cold War that â€Å"the Cold War isn t thawing; it is burning with a deadly heat. Communism isn t sleeping; it is, as always, plotting, scheming, working, fighting.†( An analysis of the Cold War between 1947-1991 reveals that the Cold War was caused by a difference in political ideals between the USA and the Soviet Union, the aftermath of WWII, and the â€Å"IronRead More Causes Of The Cold War Essay608 Words   |  3 Pages Causes of the Cold War nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The Cold War occurred during a time of rebuilding for Europe. It characterized international relations and dominated the foreign policies of Europe. It affected all of Europe and determined lasting alliances. The Cold War was caused by the social climate and tension in Europe at the end of World War II and by the increasing power struggles between the Soviet Union. Economic separation between the Soviets and the west also heightened tensionsRead Morethe cause of the cold war Essay794 Words   |  4 Pagescausing the cold war .After the second world war , the ideological difference ,mutual distrust and the disappearance of the common enemy (germany ) , these all are the causes of the cold war .However ,these comflicts were all brought by the US . Many historians believe that the Cold War was inevitable once the common enemy, Germany, was defeated after the end of World War II. Other historians such as John Gaddis stress that neither superpower can be held solely responsible for the ideological war that lastedRead MoreCauses of the Cold War Essay15 70 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"It is clear that fear, greed and revenge were the major factors that caused the Cold War† How far do you agree with this statement when analyzing the causes of the Cold War up to 1949? The responsibility of the origins of the Cold War often triggers questions among historians yet both powers should be blamed for taking part in it. The origins of the Cold War can often be associated with fear, greed and revenge. Through most analyses, the fault was often given to Stalin’s ambitions to expandRead More Causes of the Cold War Essay741 Words   |  3 PagesCauses of the Cold War In this paper I will discuss what actions and thoughts added up to cause the cold war. The cold war lasted from September 1, 1945 to about December 25, 1991. That is about forty-five years, which is an extremely long time. The cold war was a global competition basically between two sides, the Free World, which was led by the United States of America, and the Communist World led by the Soviet Union. The struggle took place through indirect military conflict, and direct

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Explanation Of Physician Assisted Suicide - 1262 Words

Physician assisted suicide has been legal in Oregon since November 1997. Over 750 people have taken advantage of this law since it was passed. Many people think there is something wrong with such this and it should be outlawed. I will argue that there is no moral basis for the outlaw of such a practice. Explanation of physician assisted suicide Physician assisted suicide occurs when an ill patient consults a doctor and decides that they would like to end their life. Typically, the patient is prescribed a medicine that, when taken, will cause death rather quickly. Terminally ill patients favor this because it offers an end that would be less painful for them or their families. Rather than die in a hospital attached to tubes and machines,†¦show more content†¦A person who is dying of a terminal illness is faced with only one certainty; they will die from this disease. A doctor can say roughly the amount of time that a patient has, but they exact date and level of pain is hard to determine. Many may look to a physician for the answer on if they should/shouldn’t choose PAS, however, the only role a physician plays is giving the medical diagnosis and working with the patient to get what the patient feels is the best option. Therefore, the decision the patient makes doesnà ¢â‚¬â„¢t make the physician a moral guide, but rather a person doing their job. The last big decision people who are terminally ill have is when/how to die and it has to be their own and it has to be respected. Argument against Physician Assisted Suicide When a person commits suicide claiming their right to autonomy as a defense for such an action, they are giving up that very right. Leon Kass would describe this as a tragedy. If person is fighting for something with all their might, such as their right to be free, but then they allow that thing to be taken away to show they have the freedom to choose, they have undermined their whole argument. Using just autonomy as a basis for physician-assisted suicide is simply a contradiction. When a patient decides to end their life, but not by their own hands, they are telling a physician that they have

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Personal Statement On Health Administration - 867 Words

Dorela Voshtina Health Administration I was nine years old when my family made the strenuous decision to come to America; with only a few clothes and barely any money, the pursuit of the American dream seemed more like a fantasy than anything else. Ever since I was young, I was drawn to the medical field. Looking back, it all appears as a nightmare now: a cold room, no electricity, and my parents imploring for the nurses help. Yet this nightmare was my first-hand experience of the detrimental effects of a limited health care. Growing up in a poor town in Albania, I faced minor health concerns, but it wasn’t until I got sick with a common cold that my life almost ended. The unsanitary hospital condition and the lack of medications were part of the sad reality I could not escape from. Thus today, it is my goal to make a significant contribution to the health of the future generations. My passion for the medical field combined with my determination on building and perpetuating an outstanding healthcare service, has led me to pursue a master’s degree in Health Administration My aspiration for the medical field was enforced as I observed the positive effect my primary care doctor had on my family. The accessibility and quality of health care services that my family and I received from Dr. MendesShow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement On Health Administration1227 Words   |  5 PagesWaheebAyub HADM 5033 - Leadership Dr. Decker Personal Mission Statement As a Student in University of Houston Clearlake in Masters in Health Administration and a future Healthcare administration Executive, I will prosper and establish myself as a great example in the Healthcare administration field with the necessity of obtaining knowledge and experience. I will improve the healthcare industry with my skills obtained from this very school and my experiences in the field. When I was very youngRead MoreThe Health Care Facilities And Organizations890 Words   |  4 Pages The health care facilities and organizations are owned and operated by largely private sector businesses. These health care facilities and organizations are managed by health care managers such as administrators and executives who play important roles to make sure the facilities and organizations are free of fraud, strong business objectives and policies, and a strong financial operational and medical operation. Like any other company, the health care organizations face with health care fraud andRead MoreReview Of Don t Blame The Eater By David Zinczenko955 Words   |  4 Pagesgrab a burger for just a few dollars. A lot of families have parents that both work full time jobs. Sometimes it is an easier solution to grab a fast food family meal than to come home, cook, and clean the kitchen. I can personally vouch for that statement. But, over time those calories add up and can cause medical issues. A lot of children are having medical complications due to fast food empty calories. I s fast food the new tobacco? The claim by David Zinczenko is how can you blame the eater ofRead MoreThe Department Of Veterans Affairs889 Words   |  4 PagesThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a health care system that offers programs to benefit veterans and their families. Benefits include, but are not limited compensation payments for disabilities or death related to military service, pensions, education, health care and rehabilitation. The Department of Veteran Affairs functions as the nation’s largest integrated health care system, with more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, community living centers, domiciliary, readjustment counseling centersRead MoreIce Develoment Objectives1074 Words   |  5 Pagesoperations. Consider Health, Safety and Welfare, quality, cost, time, buildability, sustainability. B2 Conduct appropriate research and analysis relating to engineering* problems AMICE* MICE IEng MICE For example: Apply and know the limitations of established best practice as defined by codes, standards and specifications. Links to contract conditions. Feasibility assessments, surveys and costing. Risk analysis. Present solutions and secure acceptance. Consider Health, Safety and Welfare, qualityRead MoreTheory Exemplar of Florence Nightingale1726 Words   |  7 Pageson nursing. Major concepts:Major areas of the environment: health of houses, ventilation and warmth, light, noise, variety, bed and bedding, cleanliness of rooms and walls, personal cleanliness, and nutrition. Major theoretical propositions are as follows: Not stated Major assumptions: NIGHTINGALES ASSUMPTIONS 1. Nursing is separate from medicine. 2. Nurses should be trained. 3. The environment is important to the health of the patient. 4. The disease process is not importantRead MoreHippa and Nursing Essay972 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscuss how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has affected my nursing practice today we must first discuss the Act itself. The protection and privacy of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which became law in ,1996. Subtitle F of Title II of HIPAA, entitled Administrative Simplification, requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to adopt national standards for certain information- related activities of the health care industryRead MoreEffective Smoking Cessation Tool Or A New Way For Children1742 Words   |  7 Pages Effective Smoking Cessation Tool or A New Way for Children to be Introduced to Nicotine? Why We Need E-Cigarette Health Policy. Jennifer A. Sibley, RN, BSN University of Florida â€Æ' Effective Smoking Cessation Tool or A New Way for Children to be Introduced to Nicotine? Why We Need E-Cigarette Health Policy. Background and Significance Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, were invented in 2004 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik following his father’s death from lung cancerRead MoreEssay about Legal Safety and Regulatory Requirements1121 Words   |  5 Pagesresources in health care HCS/341 Michelle Calvin-Casey January 31, 2011 Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements The legal, safety, and regulatory impact the human resource department greatly by ensuring that all employees are treated equally and fairly. The rights of both employer and employee are covered by several different entities such as the National Labor Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These have beenRead MoreAcademic and Professional Goals Essays932 Words   |  4 PagesProfessional Goals Walden’s Vision and Mission According to Walden’s University the mission statement states: â€Å"Walden University provides a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change†. (Laureate, 2013) According to Walden’s University the vision statement states: â€Å"Walden University envisions a distinctively different 21st-century learning community