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The Dos and Donts of Term Paper Custom

The Do's and Don'ts of Term Paper Custom Essay writing is an arduous task which requires much hard work and dedication. Whenever your deadline is tight, you will likely write us nervously write my essay and think we'll see what you need from 1 sentence. Contemplating the simple fact your academic grades are contingent on how fine your essay is written, there's not any reason to remind you how important it's to choose academic writing services that you are able to trust. The Fundamentals of Term Paper Custom Revealed However difficult the task might appear, we will discover the writer who has the absolute most suitable knowledge to hone your paper to the state of perfection. Professional attention given to every custom made order provides both excellent assurance and client protection at the very same time. You may easily place an order any moment you desire. Otherwise, it is going to become a waste of time and money. 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The Upside to Term Paper Custom Before recommending a cost system, it's helpful to understand an organization's information requirements. The capability to order and pur chase custom papers is a rather new service provided by hundreds of writing service sites which have exploded onto. Again, you've got to be precise, no irrelevant info. The sign-up process on the website isn't difficult and long. You may order any kind of academic paper notwithstanding the grade, level, complexity or deadline. You are aware that you won't be in a position to resist. The ability to supply high-quality papers on various topics in time will define the last grade. The most important thing is that no customers get papers that aren't entirely original. Whispered Term Paper Custom Secrets A term paper is a big task which takes lots of time and energy, and it plays a substantial part in your final grade. There's nothing bad about finding the expert writers who can assist you to overcome the academic pressure. 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Television Series A Game Of Thrones Essay - 943 Words

When one thinks of the word medieval, there appear to be almost an instantaneous reaction. Some may see the period associated with the gothic architecture, Crusades, brutalism, death, the Black Plague, illiteracy, or the Dark Ages. Others may interpret the period as one full of valiant knights, princesses waiting to be saved, jousting, castles, and noble kings and queens. From video games such as The Legend of Zelda and the popular HBO television series A Game of Thrones, to accounts of medieval torture or treatment in the newspapers, the Middle Ages seems to be more relevant than ever. However, it can be argued that much about what we know about the real Middle Ages was constructed in the nineteenth century due to a comparative lack of records and the imaginative portrayal of the period by the Victorians. Due to the tumultuous period that was the Industrial Revolution, many social critics and artists turned back to the Middle Ages in order to reflect their anxieties of the present and the hopes and expectations of the future. I began to note that the medievalist movement was built upon medieval studies through a desire to create, rather than retrieve the past, which in turn lead to academic debates about authenticity and furthered the tension between the two fields leading to an almost insurmountable break. Those in medieval studies look towards medievalism as a misguided attempt to contemplate history which in turn changed the public’s understanding towards the era awayShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Deborah Tannen s The Game Of Women 1325 Words   |  6 PagesThe Game of Women Over the years, views on women’s roles in society have drastically changed. The gender differences highlighted in Deborah Tannen’s excerpts from You Just Don’t Understand emphasize the differences between women’s desire for intimacy and men’s pull towards independence. By this theory, men tend to drift in the direction of power and self-reliance, which are characteristics of action television shows and movies, whereas women immerse themselves in romance and family oriented mediaRead MoreThe Effects Of Media On Young Audiences928 Words   |  4 PagesA prime example of graphic violence on television that falls outside of the FCC’s purview is found in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. The ninth episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, â€Å"The Rains of Castamere†, is well-known as one of the most violent episodes in the show. This is mostly attributed to a specific scene in this episode, known by the book readers as the Red We dding. The scene is one of the most violent scenes in all of Game of Thrones history. The Red Wedding scene was quiteRead MoreGame of Thrones relationship to Modern Political Philosophy1541 Words   |  6 PagesGame of thrones is a television series that deals with medieval concepts with a touch of mysticism. As a series that tackles medieval concepts, political themes can be derived out of the series and can be used to expound on new modern themes and philosophies. Within this paper, major theme and supporting themes will be supplied that can further explain the themes that are found in the series. These themes will be given support by quotes and lines from the scenes in season three. These themes canRead MoreThe Dire Wolf947 Words   |  4 Pagesacross many northern countries where it once roamed as one of the most feared predators of all time. This paper traces the way that the dire wolf has been represented in myths and legends of the past, and also in the stories, films and c omputer video games of the modern world. The exact species which gave rise to all the legends is the Canis dirus and it lived in the Pleistocene Epoch (2.6 million to 11.700 years ago) in both North and South America (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2012, p. 1). It was considerablyRead MoreThe Morality Of Peer And File Sharing1231 Words   |  5 PagesStates, are very steep but enforcement is so low that many pirates operate with impunity. A recent example helps illustrate this issue. â€Å"Game of Thrones†, a TV show based on George R. R. Martin’s bestselling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, is, by several measures, likely the most widely pirated program in the history of internet piracy. (Greenberg) Game of Thrones is also unique in that many fans of the show chose to explain why they were opting to download the show rather than pay for it. ArticlesRead MoreTelevision Series And The Telltale Episodic Game Under The Same Name1065 Words   |  5 Pagesessay is Game of Thrones. Specifically the television series and the Telltale episodic game under the same name. When comparing how the different mediums explore the overarching storyworld we must look at the fabula (the story in chronological order), the syuzhet (the order and way in which the story is told), focalisation (whose point of view the story is told), medium specificity and the audience labour. The basic narrative that is taking place within the storyworld of Game of Thrones is of severalRead MoreSexual Activities And Sexual Activity853 Words   |  4 Pagesoral sex and ten percent were engaging in anal sex. Many television shows or movies have some form of sexual activity. Five television shows that are on therishest.com’s top fifteen most sexually explicit television shows are Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Orange is the New Black, Sex and the City, and Games of Thrones. Sons of Anarchy premiered in 2008 and had its final episode in 2014, was known for many sexual activities throughout the series. True Blood; first episode premiered in 2008 and also hadRead MoreThe Federal Communications Commission ( Fcc )932 Words   |  4 Pagesyounger viewers watch as well. Because these forms of media are becoming more popular in younger generations, it is important to know the effects that uninhibited content could have on younger viewers. Do shows with uninhibited content, like Game of Thrones, make viewers between the ages of 12 and 17 less likely to be disturbed or affected by real world violence? The theory of desensitization can be used to answer this question. Desensitization can be defined as a diminished emotional responseRead MoreTelevision And Its Impact On Children1309 Words   |  6 PagesTelevision has stood in a unique technological position throughout its history. Largely coming to the American public in the post-WWII era, this strange new device quickly became controversial. There were worries centered on how much time children spent watching it or what morals programs were imbuing in their young viewers. In later years, while these concerns continued, and perhaps grew to had a validity to them, others joined them as televised programs grew graphic and polarized. Forensic televisionRead MoreIs Piracy Truly Hurting The Film, Record, And Game Industry1634 Words   |  7 Pagesmajor companies/producers, say that (â€Å"You†) these claims are over-exaggerated. The question posed in this paper is fairly simple, but has been debated since the first few years internet piracy began to bud: is piracy truly hurting the film, record, and game industry as much as we are told? Before statistics are thrown in, as well as interviews and other various factoids, the definition of piracy should be made clear. Piracy refers to the act of using or reproducing another’s work without authority.

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The Impact Of International Corporations On A Nations...

â€Å"Tell me, is there some society that doesn’t run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy, it is only the other fellow that’s greedy. The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests.† - Milton Friedman (2002) A common trend within developed and developing countries is foreign direct investment (FDI) as a major source of capital. What differs is the effect it has for the nation’s people. The current economic and technological development, its government policy and a nation’s labour force all alter the potential outcomes for a nation. This report will examine the effects of international corporations becoming involved in the discovery and extraction of oil reservoirs in Nigeria and compare it to the results in Norway. It will explain how the stability of the governments affect the long-term outcomes. Norway is a prospering country, its people are ranked as the second happiest in the world, and its government is seen as trustworthy and influent. Nigeria has a turbulent past which the discovery of oil has exasperated. These issues are recognised by the World Bank who have responded by labelling Nigeria as a ‘fragile state’ due to its risk of armed conflict, epidemic diseases and failed governance. (World Bank, 2014) It appears that when a country is faced with the influx of foreign investors, it is the strength of the government that will determine who controls the power. Stimulation of technological development and enhancing innovation amongstShow MoreRelatedThe Equitable and Sustainable Approach to Globalization971 Words   |  4 Pagesglobalization is synonymous with international trade and integration of economies through multi-national agreements. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2013) globalization is defined as â€Å"the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets†. Although many disagree as to origin of the idea of globalization, it’s been prevalent in shaping the world economy since the 19th century. O’RourkeRead More Multinational Corporations and the Destruction of the Family1563 Words   |  7 Pagesthose with a stake in the business or corporation, but at what cost? Multinational corporations create great deals wealth but they propagate social and cultural inequality, poverty and envir onmental damage at rates to rival their gains. Multinational Corporations wield incredible amounts of political and economic clout, clout that allows them to manipulate a region without fear of recourse on the part of the localities in which they reside. The gains of corporations with respect to political and economicRead MoreFeasibility Of Opening A Manufacturing Facility1311 Words   |  6 PagesMultinational corporations must carefully investigate the feasibility of opening a manufacturing facility in any underdeveloped nation. The goal to this end, this report will provides detailed analysis in order for the organization to determine not only the feasibility of opening a manufacturing facility but also to determine the humanitarian benefits such an endeavor would accomplish. The country which will be examined is Venezuela located in the continent of South America. General InformationRead MoreIntroduction. Aetna Is One Of The Nation’S Leading Diversified1088 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Aetna is one of the nation’s leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving an estimated 44 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. The assignment given is about Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness for which the author has chosen Aetna. The author is required to assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the Corporation. Secondly, to apply the industrial organizationRead MoreFiscal Policy1119 Words   |  5 PagesStates impacts various policies not only at home but abroad. It has been a powerhouse for many years, and its strengths and weaknesses impact other countries. The deficit, surplus, and debt are three major areas influencing these policies. These three factors have a huge impact on many areas we will discuss. These include taxpayers, the future of Social Security and Medicare users, the unemployed, a University of Phoenix student, the United States’ financial reputation on an international levelRead MoreEssay about The Benefits of Globalization519 Words   |  3 PagesFrequently, people are unclear of exactly what Globalization means. Globalization is the tendency of the worlds economies to act as a single interdependent economy. It can be described as the increased movement of people, knowledge, ideas, goods and money across national borders to make the world more unified in a sense. Globalization is often thought of in economic terms but as we know there are other components with this idea like, economics, and cultures. There is a huge debate of whether orRead MoreEssay on Reconstituting Local Manufacturing1183 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Is it possible to reconstitute local manufacturing and local food markets, or has Globalization ultimately made this impossible? The global economy and marketplace have impacted local industry and local manufacturing harshly. With consumers having choices from international companies able to import their products, a common market pool for the whole world, it has become more difficult for the local merchants to thrive. Also, many Western companies have established themselves in developing countriesRead MoreEssay on Globalization: Sharing Our Prosperity With the World1388 Words   |  6 Pages Globalization is the growing interdependence of the worlds people that involves the integration of economies, technologies, and cultures (Bradshaw). It is described as the increased movement of people, knowledge and ideas, and goods and money across national borders that have led to the increased interconnectedness among the world. Globalization is often thought of in economic terms but as we know there are three major components implicated with this idea including: economics, politics, andRead MoreThe Giant Bomu Oil Field Essay1531 Words   |  7 Pagesbegan to add significant role and shape to the Nigerian economy and the political arena and destiny of the country in the early 1060s. However, when Nigeria became an independent nation in 1st October 1960, Shell – BP began to give out its acreage and its exploration licenses were converted in to prospecting licenses that allowed development and production ( Bamberg, 2000; Vassilion, 2009). Following the increase dominance of the Nigerian economy by petroleum sector, the sole concession policy was abandonedRead MoreInternational Trade and Finance Speech Essay877 Words   |  4 PagesEconomics Paper 5 International Trade and Finance Speech Financial Pitfalls 2 Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, good afternoon to you all. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak to you this today on such an important topic – our economy. Our economy is in crises mode. To say that our economy has slowed down would be an understatement. The economy, to date, has taken a step backwards and the direction we are heading will take us from a record long-lasting

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Mitchell V. Wisconsin Essay Example For Students

Mitchell V. Wisconsin Essay Word Count: 3746On June 11, 1993, the United State Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin?s penalty enhancement law, which imposes harsher sentences on criminals who ?intentionally select the person against whom the crimeis committed..because of the race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry of that person.? Chief Justice Rehnquist deliverd the opinion of the unanimous Court. This paper argues against the decision, and will attempt to prove the unconstitutionality of such penalty enhancement laws. On the evening of October 7, 1989, Mitchell and a group of young black men attacked and severely beat a lone white boy. The group had just finished watching the film ?Mississippi Burning?, in which a young black boy was, while praying, beaten by a white man. After the film, the group moved outside and Mitchell asked if they felt ?hyped up to move on some white people?. When the white boy approached Mitchell said, ?You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a white boy, Go get him.? The boy was left unconscious, and remained in a coma for four days. Mitchell was convicted of aggravated battery, which carries a two year maximum sentence. The Wisconsin jury, however, found that because Mitchell selected his victim based on race, the penalty enhancement law allowed Mitchell to be sentenced to up to seven years. The jury sentenced Mitchell to four years, twice the maximum for the crime he committed without the penalty enhancement law. The U.S. Supreme Court?s ruling was faulty, and defied a number of precedents. The Wisconsin law is unconstitutional, and is essentially unenforceable. This paper primarily focuses on the constitutional arguments against Chief Justice Rehnquist?s decision and the statute itself, but will also consider the practical implications of the Wisconsin law, as well as a similar law passed under the new federal crime bill (Cacas, 32). The Wisconsin law and the new federal law are based on a model created by the Anti- Defemation League in response to a rising tide of hate-related violent crimes (Cacas, 33). Figures released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that 7,684 hate crimes motivated by race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation were reported in 1993, up from 6,623 the previous year. Of those crimes in 1993, 62 percent were racially motivated (Cacas, 32). Certainly, this is a problem the nation must address. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of the United States and both the Wisconsin and federal governments have chosen to address this problem in a way that is grossly unconstitutional. ?Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.? The most obvious arguments against the Mitchell decision are those dealing with the First Amendment. In fact, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the state statute was unconstitutional in their decision, which the U.S. Supreme Court overruled. The Wisconsim Supreme Court argued that the Wisconsin penalty enhancement statute, ?violates the First Amendment directly by punishing what the legislature has deemed offensive thought.? The Wisconsin Court also rejected the state?s argument ?that the statute punishes only the conduct? of intentional selection of a victim?. The Court?s contention was that ? the statute punishes the because of? aspect of the defendant?s selection, the reason the defendant selected the victim, the motive behind the selection.? The law is in fact a direct violation of the First Amendment, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which said ?the Wisconsin legislature cannot criminalize bigoted thought with which it disagrees.If there is a bedrock principal underlying the First Amendment, it is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable?. The Supreme Court was heard to utter such noble phrases as recently as 1989, in Texas v. Johnson. Unfortunately these idealistic principles seem to have been abandoned during Wisconsin v. Mitchell. Sleep deprevation EssayPossibly more important, and certainly more recent, is the precedent established in R.A.V. v. St. Paul, a 1992 case. This case involved a juvenille who was convicted under the St. Paul Bias-Motivated Crime Ordinance for burning a cross in the yard of a black family that lived across the street from the petitioner. Justice Scalia delivered the opinion of a unanimous Court, but the Court was divided in its opinions for overturning the St. Paul statute. Scalia argued that the city ordinance was overbroad, because it punished nearly all controversial characterizations likely to arouse resentment among defined protected groups, and under-inclusive, because the government must not selectively penalize fighting words directed at some groups while not prosecuting those addressed to others, which is where the problem lies in the logic of the Mitchell decision. Though Rehnquist argued that Wisconsin v. Mitchell did not overturn R.A.V. v. St. Paul, If a hate speech law that enumerated some categories is invalid because, in Justice Antonin Scalias opinion in St. Paul, government may not regulate use based on hostility- or favoritism- toward the underlying message involved, how can a hate crime law be upheld that increases the penalty for crimes motivated by some hates but not those motivated by other hates? In other words, if the St. Paul statute is determined to be under-inclusive, how can we include every conceivable hate within the context of any statute. To be consistent, legislatures must now include other categories, including sex, physical characteristics, age, party affiliation, anti-Americanism or position on abortion.(Feingeld, 16)More interesting (and Constitutional) than the majority opinion in R.A.V. v. St. Paul, is the concurring opinion written by Justice White, with whom Justice Blackmun and Justice OConnor join. White writes, Although the ordinance as construed reaches egories of speech that are constitutionally unprotected, it also criminalizes a substantial amount of expression that- however repugnant- is shielded by the First Admendment Our fighting words cases have made clear, however, that such generalized reactions are not sufficient to strip expression of its constitutional protection. The mere fact that expressive activity causes hurt feelings, offense, or resentment does not render the expression unprotected The ordinance is therefore fatally overbroad and invalid on its face Rehnquist argues that whereas the ordinance struck down in R.A.V. was explicitly directed at expression, the statute in this case is aimed at conduct unprotected by the First Amendment. Nevertheless, had Mitchell not stated, There goes a white boy; go get him, his sentence would not have been enhanced, he would have instead received the maximum sentence of two years in jail for his crime, instead of four. Therefore, the Wisconsin statute does not only punish conduct, as Justice Rehnquist suggests, but speech as well. The Wisconsin v. Mitchell decision cannot simply be viewed as one that does harm to racists and homophobics. There are much broader costs to society than the quieted opinions of an ignorant few. First, laws which chill thought or limit expression detract from the goal of insuring the availability of the broadest possible range of ideas and expressions in the marketplace of ideas. Second, the Mitchell ruling not only affects eveyones free speech rights with a general constriction of the interpretation of the First Amendment, but the ruling makes way for further constrictions. Third, penalty enhancement laws place the legislature in the position of judging and determining the quality of ideas, and assumes that the government has the capacity to make such judgements. Fourth, without the expression of opinions generally deemd unacceptable by society, society tends to forget why those opinions were deemed unacceptable in the first place. (More specifically, nothing makes a skinhead seem m ore stupid than allowing him to voice his opinion under the scrutiny of a national television audience.) Finally, when society allows the free expression of all ideas, regardless of its disdain for those ideas, it is a sign of strength. So when a society uses all its power to suppress ideas, it is certainly a sign of that societys weakness (Gellman, (381-385). The United States Supreme Courts unanimous decision in Wisconsin v. Mitchell is incorrect for a number of reasons. Constitutionally, the decision fails to comply with the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment, and the guarantee to all citizens of equal protection under the laws, listed in the Fourteenth Amendment. The decision also arguably overturns R.A.V. v. St. Paul, and suggests that the Court may be leaning towards a new fighting words doctrine, where unpopular speech equals unprotected speech. The decision also damages societ as a whole in ways that are simply immeasureable in their size, such as those listed in the preceding paragraph. Wisconsin v. Mitchell is a terribly flawed Supreme Court decision, which one can only hope will be overturned in the very near future. The freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere sahdow of a freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order. If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion or other matters of opinion -Justice Jackson in W.V. Board of Education. v. BarnetteBibliography Cacas, Samuel. Hate Crime Sentences Can Now Be Enhanced Under A New Federal Law. Human Rights 22 (1995): 32-33Feingold, Stanley. Hate Crime Legislation Muzzles Free Speech. The National Law Journal 15 (July 1, 1993): 6, 16Gellman, Susan. Sticks And Stones. UCLA Law Review 39 (December, 1991): 333-396Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire R.A.V. v. St. PaulTexas v. JohnsonU.S. v. OBrienWisconsin v. MitchellWooley v. MaynardW.V. State Board of Education v. Barnette

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Social Determinants free essay sample

The knowledge of the social determinants of health has gone through a vast amount of changes in perspectives as to how society decides to define health. My experiences and readings thus far have not only expanded my understanding of health, but also the economic and social conditions affecting health. From my own personal experiences, I have seen differences between the socioeconomic classes of individuals and their ability to access healthcare. Due to the fact that I am Vietnamese, I have visited Vietnam numerous times and have seen how individuals have lived a very unhealthy lifestyle such as eating the wrong foods and lack of exercising. Before moving to Canada, my parents lived in Vietnam and described how most individuals who were always outside on the streets were often sick and did not know how to take care of themselves because of their lack of knowledge of health. At first I believed that this was due to the lifestyle choices they made, however, studies have shown that these lifestyle choices do not go far in determining health status in contrast to the impact of the social determinants of health. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Determinants or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In addition to these studies, when I recently visited Vietnam, I saw that the environment they were living in reflected their income level and health status. According to Raphael (2004), â€Å"socioeconomic status and income status are powerful predictors of health as they serve as indicators of material advantage or disadvantage that accumulate over the lifespan† (75). According to Raphael (2004), â€Å"Health differences among Canadians result primarily from experiences of qualitatively different environments associated with the social determinants of health† (p. 0). Income status is one of the social determinants of health that determines the quality of life associated with working conditions, employment, food security, and education. Usually, when an individual has grown up in a poor environment with inaccessibility to healthcare, their future may already be predetermined for them. In the film â€Å"Unnatural Causes† (California Newsreel, 2008), a woman resid ing in District 5, named Mary Turner lives in a very poor neighbourhood with three teenage daughters and a disabled husband. In addition to these complications, Mary also has health problems of her own that prevent her from working and making money for her family, which results in a very low income. She cannot afford healthy food because they are generally more expensive, and therefore her family eats meals that are unhealthy and inexpensive. In the film, Mary expresses the fact that â€Å"disadvantaged people are unhealthy. † Out of the four neighbourhoods studied in the film, District 5 is the poorest; this reflects the idea that there is an unequal distribution of resources and income among the population. As McQuaig amp; Brooks (2010) explains, â€Å"simply living in an unequal society puts one at greater risk of experiencing a wide range of health problems and social dysfunction† (p. 82). This simply explains that one’s health is directly proportional to their income status and overall, the resources that they do or do not have. The relationship between health and wealth should be explained in relation to the social determinants of health. As this relationship becomes clearer, as does the fact that rich people live longer because they can afford health care in comparison to less wealthy people. References California Newsreel and Vital Pictures (2008). Unnatural Causes. United States: California Newsreel. McQuaid, L. amp; Brooks, N (2010). Why billionaires are bad for your health. In the Trouble with Billionaires. Toronto: Viking Canada, ISBN 9780670064199, pp. 149-169 of 272. Raphael, D. (2004). Introduction to the Social Determinants of Health. In D. Raphael (Ed. ) The Social Determinants of Health: Canadian Perspectives, Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. pp. 1-19 of 435. ISBN 1551302373

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Feasibility of Mango Shake Essays

Feasibility of Mango Shake Essays Feasibility of Mango Shake Essay Feasibility of Mango Shake Essay Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Food is arguably the most important thing when it comes to a person’s life. Everyone eats, no matter what kind of diet they tend to have. Everyone just really eats food and that. The great thing about food, however, is that they tend to be quite unique to its location. A dish could be popular worldwide, but it can also be very local and specific to an area. This is mostly due to the fact that food largely reflects local culture. The ingredients and how the food is cooked say a lot about a specific region or country. Siomai in general is a popular food, not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. This is due to its delicious taste and simple preparation. Globally, this type of dimsum originated in Guangdon China (shumai). The other names for siomai are shaomai, shuimai and shewmai or which are traditional Chinese dumplings serve in dim sum. There are many regional version of shumai in China such as huhhot version and cantonese version and from Jiangnanregion. Its introduction and wide acceptance in parts of the world like in the Philippines and other south East Asian Nations, inevitably resulted to the evolution of many varieties, methods and preparation and using different ingredients(The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, 2009). That’s why siomai industry is becomes very popular because of its unique taste and one of the easiest to make. In Inner Mongolia,huhhotshaomaiis considered one of the oldest varieties of shaomai. Within the dimsum tradition of the southern china, it is one of the most standard dishes. : This is also popular in Vietnam they called it as â€Å" xiumai† one of the producer of siomai and in Japan â€Å" shumai† has also great indication demand of siomai. (Dictionary. coms 21st Century Lexicon, 2011). And in Hongkong many large dim sum restaurants offers scores of different varieties and one of those varieties is the siomai. The larger specialist dim sum restaurants will usually prepare up to 100 of them on any day. In the Philippines, food scene siomai has been causing quite a stir. Low total investment but faster Return on investment (ROI). With the proliferation of all kiosk and roadside stores selling freshly steamed and sometimes friedsiomai at a very affordable price. The family can now fully enjoy the delicious Chinese dumplings any days of the week without losing a big chunk of the already tightbudget (HsiungDeh-Ta. , 2005). In Pangasinan,specifically in Dagupan City, siomai also serves as one of the most popular light meal or snack in malls and sup ermarket. It is a welcome reprieve for the mothers who have kids and who love the tasty dumplings so much, but do not have the required time to regularly prepare one. There are franchisedstalls, such as MasterSiomai, Red Ninja, Siomai House and Shaolin shomai which targets students amp; working people. Chinese restaurants such as a Chowking, North Park, Davids Tea House, Flavors of China, Gloria Maris and many other restaurants also serve this. The proponents decided to enter in this kind of business not only to gain profit but also for their business to generate more employment in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. This is not only for the proponents benefit but also for the community of Dagupan City and to other places as well. Conceptual Framework The researchers used the Input-Process-Output Model in this study. The inputs of this study consist of the five aspects of the business as to market aspect, technical aspect, organizational and management aspect, financial aspect and socio- economic aspect. Descriptive survey method was used in gathering data and information. The formulation of questionnaires, conducting of surveys and one-on-one interview were the instruments used. The output of this study is the feasibility of Q-mai. Feasibility of Q-mai House Input ProcessOutput Descriptive Survey Method, Formulation of questionnaires, Conducting of Surveys, One-on-one interview Figure 1. 1 Research Paradigms As to Market As to Technical As to Organizational and Management As to Financial As to Socio-Economic Statement of the Problem The study sought to determine the feasibility of Q-Mai House, Oh my Q-mai!. Specifically, it sought answer to the question:What is the feasibility of Q-Mai House, Oh my Q-mai, as to: a) Marketing aspect; b) Technical aspect; c) Management aspect; d) Financial aspect; e) Socio-Economic aspect; Assumption The researchers assumed that: 1. Q-mai can be consumed in all seasons, thus, the demand is said to be highly relative. 2. There is no market that offers quail egg siomai in Dagupan City, hence, there is no direct competitor in the industry. 3. The application of a sole proprietorship as a form of business organization is an advantage because it is relatively simple to manage and control. 4. The Q-mai House will help the economy by providing employment and will also help the Government raise its revenues to settle expenses by paying taxes. Significance of the Study This feasibility study onQ-mai House in Dagupan City will benefit the following; Businessmen. This study will provide business people especially the beginners, a background about this business. It will answer the questions: How to start? How to do it? What is needed? And most especially, whoare the potential costumers? Thus, it will prepare the would-be-businessmen on what are the possible risks that should be anticipated involving this type of business. Customers. This study will benefit the customers because they could avail of a product that is affordable, nutritious, safe and readily available. Students. This is useful and interesting as a study guide and basis for those who are taking as a Bachelor of Business administration, that will undergo research, thesis and feasibility subject. Government. This studyhelps to improve our economy as a new and successful business through the business tax that should pay by the proposed business. With effort and interest the government may benefits more, though to the market being collected upon it. Scope and Limitations This study sought to determine the feasibility of Q-mai House as to market aspect, technical aspect, organizational and management aspect, financial aspect and socio-economic aspect. The proponents used descriptive survey method with questionnaire and interview as the primary sources of data and internet and library research as sources of secondary data. To gather data on the market aspect, questionnaires were distributed to and answered by a total of 378 students of University of Luzon. As to the technical, financial, management and socio-economic aspects, observation and interview of existing competitors, internet and library materials were the sources of data. Further, SPSS 17 was used in analyzing the data collected. Definition of Terms Business. Thisisan economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth. (BusinessDictionary. com , 2011) Entrepreneur. This is someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced(BusinessDictionary. com , 2011). Feasibility Study. This is an analysis and evaluation of proposed project to determine if it is feasible to market, technical, organizational and management, financial and socio-economic aspect. Financial Aspect. Thisis a study which includes total project cost, major assumptions, projected financial statement and financial analysis. Market Aspect. Thisconsists of market programs and strategies, description of the product, the analysis of demand and supply, and price study. Organizational and Management Aspect. Thisincludes nature and form of the business, legal requirements, organizational structure, human resource management process, management style and pre-operating activities. Technical Aspect. Thisis the discussion of the basic and operation flow of the project. This factorresponds to the technicalities and basic structure of the proposed study. This includes the list of equipments, materials, structure plan and also the source of the supplies use in the proposed project. Business plans, utilities, facilities, layout designs and location. Social Responsibility. Thisis the obligation of an organizations management towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates (Baker, 2008). Socio- economic Aspect. This is a field of study that examines the social obligation and responsibilities, and economic contribution of the proposed business.

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The Consequentialism Approach Adopted by Andrews and Dans Research Paper

The Consequentialism Approach Adopted by Andrews and Dans - Research Paper Example The fundamental theory underlying Kantian ethics emphasizes actions in congruence with laws that are universally known/accepted and to avoid actions that are against laws that are internally inconsistent. The present situation has the need to follow this deontological reasoning. Applying another perspective to this situation, it is the utilitarianism that needs to be considered because the decision to be taken by the management should seriously consider the consequences versus advantages. Hence, revoking the incentive program needs a serious thought keeping various perspectives in mind other than cost-saving and business growth. Contemporary ethics place people at the centre of all ends, and hence the decision-making should be based on strategic and ethical grounds. From the Kantian deontological perspective, it is imperative that ZNE Technologies abides by the law that is constant and well-defined. The French employment law does not permit unilateral modification of employment contr act or parts of the contract. If modification becomes imperative, it might be accomplished only after renegotiation and mutual consent of all parties involved, which in this case would be every employee that was promised the incentives in the employment agreement and the management. Any other formalities involved should also be respected and abided by. The modifications have to be in written form in order to ensure clarity and avoid future problems. By doing so, management can also avoid violation of a statute of frauds and prior approval obtained from all necessary people, if required.