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The Theorist Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Theorist - Research Paper Example Her only goal as a college student is to be able to have a secretarial job, thus, he enrolled in the London School of Economics (LSE) with a major in sociology and social anthropology. This is where she met his husband William Smith with whom she had two children but the relationship ended up in divorce during the time she was finishing her doctoral degree in the University of California, Berkeley. She returned to England for a few years but when she got a faculty position in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 1969 where she settled with her children (Dillon 316; Scott 202). In 1977, she transferred to the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (Scott 202). It is during Smith’s faculty years in the universities in Canada that she made her important contributions in sociology specifically through her research and critical writing works. During the 1970s, she started publishing her works that exhibited her critical skills and perspectives. Through her works she had been recognized as a feminist, a theorist and an activist (Campbell 3). Contributions of Dorothy Smith Dorothy Smith contributed greatly to the contemporary feminist view in the society. This had been exhibited in her books and researches. Dawning of Smith’s Feminist Views The view of Smith in sociology had been initially expressed during her early works specifically the critical essays. These works explored the field of sociology through her logical and clear arguments. It had been noted though that she had difficulties in explaining the situations of women in the society. This led to her interest in researching and finding answers to the questions regarding the role of women. By exploring the said field, Smith became known as a feminist who contributed greatly to the feminist sociological views. Included in early papers that became the onset of Smith’s contribution to sociology are â€Å"Women, the Family and Corporate Capitalism,† â€Å"The Soc ial Construction of Documentary Reality,† â€Å"Women’s Perspective as a Radial Critique of Sociology, Feminism and Methodology,† â€Å"The Ideological Practice of Sociology† and â€Å"K Is Mentally Ill: The Anatomy of a Factual Account.† In addition to her own published works, she collaborated with other authors who were also inspired by the concept of feminism. Included in her works were â€Å"Women and Psychiatry,† â€Å"The Statistics on Mental Illness: What They Will Not Tell Us about Women and Why† and â€Å"A Feminist Therapy Session† (Scott 202). Ideology on Relations of Ruling Smith had a strong perspective regarding the society ruled with men. Her ideology regarding the double victimization of women in the society had been considered both radical and unprecedented. She expressed that not only women are excluded in leading the government but also they are eliminated from the social structure. In the 1980s, the increasin g influence of Smith had been observed in the sociological discipline through the popularity of her works. â€Å"The Everyday World as Problematic: A Feminist Sociology† which was published in 1987 criticized the structure of the society that is ruled by men and presented through the perspective of the male population. It is in the said book where she presented one of the concepts she was known for which is referred to as the ‘relations of ruling.’ It was defined as the ‘

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