Saturday, October 19, 2019

W7DQs Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W7DQs Response - Assignment Example State building can be divided into two major phases. In the first phase, the state establishes control over a given territory; it monopolizes the force, and sets up vital institutions like those responsible for revenue and security. In the second phase the state continues to strengthen itself with the main objective of self support in provision of a wide range of services. In the first phase there is no need for democratization or introduction of pluralism. This is because it is when the state is establishing itself. However, in the next phase promotion of democracy will be compatible with and vital in the process of state building. Democratization help build institutions that can link the citizens to the state (Bratton, 2004). State building on the other hand improves the social welfare of the citizens. The misconception that authoritarian governments with stable states are better than the democratic states with less stable states should be avoided at all. In such countries the stat e may provide most of the needs of the people but the human rights are not respected. The wealth of such states is not equally shared. The political elites own most of the wealth while the majority of the masses are left poor. The people are oppressed and they do not live freely. The regimes saw the seed of their own destruction. They deny the citizens the political goods and their stability is short lived. The aggrieved or neglected sections of the society will rise up against the government to demand recognition and this might lead to overthrow of existing governments. It is also important to note that there can be no democracy without state building. A state with weak institutions cannot promise its citizens free and fair elections. These states lack both democracy and state building capacity. They are failed states. But I would not prefer to live in an authoritarian stable state as opposed to weak failed states

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